Thursday, August 11, 2011

Little Buckaroo Rodeo '11

     What an awesome surprise it was when my brother Cade's wife, Susan, said that she and the kids would come join us in the Little Buckaroo Rodeo this year! Cade is in N Dakota, so they made the journey up from Vernal, Utah without him. What a great excuse it was to have them come and stay with us for a few days!
     Saturday started out with a cute little parade where the kids got TONS of candy, then we were off to the bounce house and hot dogs for lunch. Then, to cool off in the afternoon, we turned on the sprinklers and the kids had a blast making a mud slide on the dirt pile. And we finished off the evening with a bang at the rodeo. Ashley did the stick pony race and Carson did the goat roping. They both did AWESOME along with their cousins Cora, Judd, and Maxtin! And despite the rain, it turned out to be such a fun night! The finale was the chicken scramble where we ended up going home with 3 chickens!!! Yes 3!!!---Which we quickly gave to some neighbors the next day. Ashley came back carrying her chicken upside down by its legs, just like it was no big deal! That moment was priceless!! ;)
     What a FUN time we had with the Mitchell's!!! We hope to make it an annual tradion and that they will come back soon!!!

Another thing bites the dust!

     This high chair was brand new for kid #1. This high chair was in great condition for kid #2. This high chair survived the move and was STILL in great shape for kid #3. Then...........came kid #3 (aka the hoss) and the high chair is no more. And that, my friends, is the end of the life of our high chair...

Splash Park

     I'm a little late in getting this posted, but a few weeks ago, we went up to the Splash Park in Rexburg with our good friend Anna and her adorable daughters Ava and Emma. What a blast the kids had in the water, eating a picnic lunch, riding on the carousel, playing at the park, and eating sno-cones on the way home. We love good friends and warm summer days!