Thursday, August 30, 2012

FHE Magnetic Board

     If your family is anything like ours, you need all the help you can get in making sure Family Home Evening "comes to pass" each week. ;) That's why I made this FHE board with magnets for each person that attach to a magnetic strip. That way, we can flip every person around each week. And so far, we have {loved} it! Everyone gets so excited on their part to help each time.

Down by the River

     Summers would not be complete without some bike rides to the river and some throwing rocks in the water. That can entertain the kids for hours. Ok maybe not hours. But for quite a while!
     I love this pic of all 3 kiddos sitting by the river. They all are such fun, unique, fantastic kids -- we love them all!!

Sand & H20 @ Jensen's Grove

     What a fabulous discovery Jensen's Grove has been to us this summer!! It's only 20 min from our house. We first went there for a friend's birthday party and had such a great time, that we've returned a few times. (The 2nd time, I was equipped with my new favorite summer drink : ice cold Brazilian limeade to sip on while I watched the kids play in the sand and water.)
     This will definitely be part of our summer tradition. The sand is perfect, the water beautiful, and plenty of grass to enjoy right by the water too. Now we've gotta bring Daddy to enjoy it with us!
     We love where we live!!

Cox Family Reunions Summer '12

     Earlier this summer we had 2 family reunions -- all within the same week. The 1st was of the Cox immediate family -- Mom, her 5 sisters, 1 brother and all of their families. Granddad and Marcene were there with quite a few of the 29 grandchildren and who knows how many great-grandchildren by now! We met up at the Munsee Place on Taylor Mountain and enjoyed a few days together. Derek was at Scouts High Adventure, so he wasn't there, but it was so fun to see so many of our family. What a great bunch of people they are!
     The 2nd reunion was also a Cox reunion, but included Granddad's siblings and all of their families. Lots of people! It was held in Taylor, only a few minutes from where we live. The kids favorite part of this one was the barrel train. So much fun for the little ones -- they can never get enough of it!
     It's great to see extended family members because it always reminds me what good can come from a good family teaching good principles. What a great legacy we have!!