Saturday, July 23, 2011

Healthy Snacks

     In my efforts to shed some of these extra pounds I've put on, I have decided that fast, healthy, fresh, ready-to-go snacks are ESSENTIAL to this busy mother of 3 young kids. Gee, I'm lucky if I even get to feed my OWN mouth, let alone if it is healthy! So something that has helped me so much is Bountiful Baskets. Each week is a fun surprise of fruits and vegetables, plus we get a 9-grain bread pack to last us for the week, and occasionally other bonus packs of things we like. It's awesome! AND I don't have to drag the kids to the grocery store to get it, I just drive over to my neighbor's house, and can even leave the kids IN THE CAR while we get it! (now, what mom doesn't love that!? Although our kids love coming out to help us!)
     Anywho......what I wanted to share with you is how I make healthy snacking easier on myself. After I get the produce, I get 7 small Ziploc bags and get out my cutting board. After washing the veggies, I cut them all into snackable-size pieces then divide them into the 7 bags. Then I stand up the bags in a little tupperware and stick them in the refrigerator. The idea is to have 1 veggie bag for each day of the week. That way, when I'm hungry for a snack, I just grab the bag for that day and I'm good to go!! And the best part --- it's all 100% healthy!! And each week the produce changes, so I don't get sick of it. In this weeks bags: celery, carrots, cucumber, snacking tom-toms (tomatoes), & cauliflower.
     Then I have a platter on the cupboard where I put any fruit that needs to ripen. The ripe fruit goes in the refrigerator and the kids can pull out a veggie pack or fruit whenever they need a snack too.
     Edamame (soybeans) are a new favorite healthy protein snack of mine too! So good!! And WATER!! Clean, cold 100% H2O! Most all of us need to drink more of it!
     So cheers! Here's to healthy snacking, my friends!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Girl Time

     Tonight Ashley and I had some good old girl time and went out on a "date." We went to Disney's Aladdin Jr. All the actors were kids and it was the perfect 1st play to take her to. She wanted to get up on stage and sing and dance with them. But I convinced her that sitting in her seat and sucking on her lollipop was the next best thing! She loved the magic carpet and all of the bright colors on the costumes. And she said that princess Jasmine and the genie (who was also a little girl) were her favorites.
     Afterwards we got a snowcone on the way home. Ashley's favorite flavor: Barbie. :) Mine: raspberry coconut cream.
     What a fun time I had with my little girl! It's always great to have some one-on-one time with each kid to make them feel special. I look forward to many more of these dates in the future!! I love you Ashley!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rag Quilt

     I made a rag quilt this week for my friend Cori's new little baby girl. This was my first strip rag quilt though I've made a few block ones before. I even appliqued for the 1st time. And I think it turned out pretty darn cute, even if I do say so myself!

Summer Days

     A few nights ago when Derek was mowing the lawn, he taught Carson how to do it for the 1st time. Carson couldn't get enough of it! What a tough guy he is! At 5 yrs old he is pushing a lawnmower! And every night this week he asks if he can mow the lawn again. :) If only we had the same enthusiasm for mowing!!
     And little princess Ashley is just the cutest lil thing ever! We just love her little giggle and unique personality! She is so fun! We just love our kids!!

Dutch Oven at Grandma & Grandpa's

     Dinner on Sunday was at Grandma & Grandpa Anglin's house with Dutch oven pork & potatoes, and Dutch oven steak fajitas made by Robert. Yummy!!! We have missed his great cooking since they moved to Oklahoma!! Then Grandma Anglin made some delicious raspberry rhubarb cobbler that just topped us off!
     Uncle Robert also set up an amazing bounce house for the kids. It had a long tunnel with an octopus on top. Of course the kids had such a hard time eating with that fun thing there!

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

     My friend Arwa was kind enough to give Carson some baseball tickets for his get-well present for his surgery. And she even gave us enough tickets to bring Derek's sister, Tiffany, and her kids Hailey & Erik. (Robert was working)
     We had a blast! From dancing to all the little ditties played, to eating hot dogs, popcorn & nachos, to pictures & autographs with Chuckie the Chick mascot, to 3 homeruns in a row!, and to just enjoying time with family --- it was a GREAT evening!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011


     We had a playdate at our house a few weeks ago where moms could drop their kids off from 9am-1pm and either have a "mommy break" or go to the temple while their kids played and had a blast (only prob was, the temple was closed that day! So.... we'll just have to do it again!)
     We made liquid sidewalk chalk (thanks to my awesome sis-in-law Susan for sharing the idea!) Take 1 cup corn starch to 1 cup water and mix. Then divide and add food coloring. It works great then it dries hard. So fun! We also had sack races, running races, popsicles on the trampoline, lots of swinging and jumping, and a picnic lunch. We had a great time & look forward to the next one!!

Moments & Memories

     I love being a Mom and seeing the unique personalities of each kid develop! There are such fun moments that happen each day! These are those moments that get you through the tough times and remind you that this is what it's all about.
     Like today, when Dylan was sitting by Carson in the chair and then fell asleep on his shoulder, or that look of love that I see when those two brothers look at each other, or when Ashley gets all glammed up and says how beautiful she is, or that gleam or look of teasing I see on those cute faces, or daddy throwing Carson in the tub with his clothes on and how funny he thought that was.
     There are just so many moments and memories. And it's these small moments that are the best.

Carson's Little League

     Despite Carson missing some games due to his surgery, he had a blast with his 1st baseball experience. He always chose to hit the ball off a pitch instead of the tee and did so great! He always hurried to get his helmet on so that he could be the 1st up to bat. And when his team was outfield, he liked to guard one of the bases. (One time when he was out guarding 2nd, he must have forgotten he was guarding it and that he wasn't the runner, because all of a sudden he ran as fast as he could to 3rd, then home. It was so cute, I think he got a little embarrassed, but oh what a cute boy he is!)
     We are so proud of him and the great job he did!!

Wagon ride

     Keeping Carson "resting" during his recovery period after his surgery was no easy feat!! We headed down to the river with the wagon to walk the path one evening. What a fun lil bunch these guys are! And check out that strong Ashley pulling all the boys! ;)