Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Halloween '12

     This year for Halloween, Carson dressed up as a builder (what he wants to be when he grows up,) Ashley was a cute pink witch, & Dylan was a firefighter.
     Carson carved his scary pumpkin all by himself this year from start to finish. Ashley helped me carve her ghost pumpkin, and Dylan's pumpkin was a spider.
      We made stops at both sets of grandparents' homes & did our traditional trick-or-treating down Grandma & Grandpa Anglin's street. Grandma Anglin made us yummy Sloppy Joe's to enjoy before the onslaught of candy delirium. And Grandpa Anglin was feeling well enough to walk down the street with us (we are all praying for him with the recent bad news of lymphoma.) And Grandma Cox showered the kids with as much love as candy, so it was a complete night!

Cuddly Dylan

     I enjoy this kid so much! Dylan has brought so much fun and love to our home. He is such a big cuddly guy, and he can always make me laugh. Just keep him rested with a full tummy, and he is a pleasure! He loves to keep up with the big kids, and is so smart. We can't wait for him to start talking more so we can enjoy his personality even more. We love you Dylan!

Cheerleader Ashley

     While Carson was busy with football this Fall, Ashley was busy learning to dance & cheer. The high school cheerleaders put on a clinic for young girls, where they taught them a dance and 2 cheers. Then the girls performed these at half-time of one of the high school football games.
     Ashley was ADORABLE!! She is just so cute & fun to watch. She performed to Austin Mahone's "Say Something!" and just loved it. One of her favorite parts was getting a cougar paw painted on her cheek for the big night. :)

Flag Football

     Carson played flag football this Fall and loved it! He had a couple of games every week for almost 2 months. We enjoyed going as a family and watching him.
     He is such a strong buff kid. When he would block, ain't nobody coming through! And Carson even got an interception and touchdown in his last game to end the season with a bang!

Spud Days Tater Trot

     This year's Spud Days hit on my birthday, so it was fun to be with the family and go enjoy some of the unique things that make this celebration so great. Carson did the climbing wall this year but got a little nervous of the heighth once he was half way up & decided to come down (I don't blame him!)
     My favorite part was the day before, when they hold the Tater Trot races for all the kids. I signed Ashley & Carson up this year because they watch me do all of my races & always want to be in a race themselves. And they both did great! They split them up into age groups. Carson's group of boys went 1 full lap around the track. Ashley's group of girls took 3/4 lap around, and Ashley took 2nd place in her group! She is a fast little thing and is so cute to watch. She got a medal and got to stand on the podium. And her picture was even printed in the Shelley Pioneer newspaper. Go Ashley! They both did awesome and were definitely ready for the snack they had waiting for them at the finish line.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Preschool Field Trip to Fire Station

     First thing one morning, I took the kids with me to the Service Station to get something worked on in our suburban. I wanted to be there before anyone, so we were rushing -- Ashley was still in her pj's.  And after awhile I started noticing lots of familiar cars going by (you notice that when you live in such a small town.) dawned on me: today was Ashley's preschool --- and even more, today was their special field trip to the fire station. I couldn't run home because obviously, my vehicle was tied up. So we walked down the block & met the rest of the class there. Good thing Ashley looks so cute, no matter what she's wearing or whether her hair is done or not, cause this mom just don't got it toget'her sometimes! ;)
     The kids loved the fire station and got to crawl all over the big trucks. Our good friend Dave was the fireman, with his gracious wife Camber dressing up as Sparky, the fire dog, & crawling around on the floor with the kids. They're awesome!!
     The trip ended with getting to spray the fire hose, which was the highlight for everyone.

School Time

     CARSON is our tough 1st grader this year & is excited to ride the bus to AND from school! He is such a lovable, handsome, kind, tough, hard-working kid, always willing to share & help out.
     ASHLEY is starting her 2nd year of preschool and is loving it. Ashley is so cute, fun, independent, spunky, & adorable. She loves to help mama bake, & is learning to write all the letters.
     DYLAN loves his brother & sister and just loves to be part of whatever is going on. He is such a happy, fun-loving, cuddly, & playful lil guy. He is so tough & is so fun to be with (when he's not hungry or tired! ;)) We're just ready to hear him start talking & hear that great sense of humor that we know he has!

Just pics


Lagoon X 2

     We were able to take a couple of quick trips to Lagoon this year (thanks to free tickets from daddy!)
     On the 1st trip, we also picked up a Toyota T100 truck for daddy to be his run-around truck. Sweet new (used) ride!
     And on the 2nd trip, Lagoon was decorated for Frightmares, so it was almost like going to a new place. The kids knew which rides they liked the best from the 1st trip (Rattlesnake Rapids was their favorite) so we were able to do more in less time.
     And one of the highlights of the trip for me was when we watched for someone to give an extra ticket to that we had. The kids & I waited & watched, hoping the Lord would guide us to someone that needed it. We finally saw a couple with 2 small children that felt right. We went up & explained & gave them the ticket. They were surprised & excited. They said on the way there, they were talking about how expensive Lagoon is & weren't sure about even coming. They kept offering to give us some $, but we told them we wanted to give that to them & hopefully it would help a little with the expenses. It was such a special experience for me, I kept tearing up the whole time. I was glad we were blessed with that opportunity.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lemonade Stand

     Thanks to good old Curious George, my kids could not stop thinking about setting up a lemonade stand one day. After much persisting, I caved & we made a quick sign and set up shop in the front yard. Of course, their buddy, Gabe, was there to help too.
     At first it was a little mellow, but once the kids, especially Carson, discovered that the more one shouts, dances, & hollers, the more cars notice & stop. :) They were so fun to watch as they got into it & started getting lots of customers. People were so generous- they even got a $10 tip!
     It was a great way to help them with counting money & paying their tithing for the 1st time. Love these kids and their excitement for life!!

Sleeping Cuties

     Can you tell these boys are related?! While camping at Taylor Mtn this summer, we found Carson & Dylan sleeping next to each other in the very same position. What cute cuddly studs these boys are!!
     And Ashley girl is such a little princess! On the way home from town one day, she fell asleep in the backseat with her legs crossed & looking so dainty. She can be so feminine one minute and so tom-boy the next! We just love our kids!!