Monday, November 5, 2012

Preschool Field Trip to Fire Station

     First thing one morning, I took the kids with me to the Service Station to get something worked on in our suburban. I wanted to be there before anyone, so we were rushing -- Ashley was still in her pj's.  And after awhile I started noticing lots of familiar cars going by (you notice that when you live in such a small town.) dawned on me: today was Ashley's preschool --- and even more, today was their special field trip to the fire station. I couldn't run home because obviously, my vehicle was tied up. So we walked down the block & met the rest of the class there. Good thing Ashley looks so cute, no matter what she's wearing or whether her hair is done or not, cause this mom just don't got it toget'her sometimes! ;)
     The kids loved the fire station and got to crawl all over the big trucks. Our good friend Dave was the fireman, with his gracious wife Camber dressing up as Sparky, the fire dog, & crawling around on the floor with the kids. They're awesome!!
     The trip ended with getting to spray the fire hose, which was the highlight for everyone.

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