Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fort Hall Replica

     Derek planned to spend Memorial Day at Taylor Mtn working on fence, but when he met 4 in of snow there, his work was cut short, and he & Carson headed home after a few hours. So, after lunch, we all headed out to Pocatello to visit the Fort Hall replica. Our family has been visiting local museums lately. (Our last visit was to the Farnsworth TV & Pioneer Museum in Rigby)
      Fort Hall was actually one of the trading posts located on the Oregon Trail, and we live not too far from it. But this replica is built to the same dimensions that the real fort was and is actually located less than 20 mi south of where the real one was. It was fun to walk around and explore the fort. The kids liked looking in the different rooms to see what it could have been like. And not too far from the replica is a little main street with cute buildings where we got to explore some more.
     With great views of the Pocatello Zoo, we headed around to a park to let the kids play and eat some fast food. But after some huge meltdowns of a nap-deprived Dylan boy, we decided to call it a day. Huge. Meltdowns. Yep, after yesterday I vowed to not go out in public with that boy again for a year. But thankfully after some much needed sleep today, I may take that back and venture out in public with him again someday. Someday. ;)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Paint Samples Matching Activity

     Here's another project from Pinterest that I did for a quiet activity for the kids. It's so simple but so cute! I got 2 of each paint sample strip, punched out circles from one set of strips, then glued each circle to a clothespin. That's it! Then the kids match each clothespin to the correct color. Simple & cheap!

Tommy Vaughn's Half Marathon

     After last year's races, I've been so excited to train for more this summer. After a lot of compromise between Derek & I, we decided that I can do 3 half marathons each year and however many 10k's I want to do. So my first this summer was the Tommy Vaughn Half.
     It was a beautiful day and a equally beautiful course by Jensen's Grove, the golf course, the Snake River, & farmlands. I loved it! Derek and the kids came and cheered me on towards the end, and Ashley & Carson were there to take me across the finish line. Because of an error, it ended up being 14 miles and I finished with a time of 3:32.
     Because I speedwalk, each race I prepare myself that I might be the last one. I have to remind myself the it doesn't matter and I am lucky to be able to even walk.

    Whether it's a 7 min mile or a 14 min mile, it's still a mile. :)

Last Dayz of School

     Wow, the school year is already done! Carson and Ashley have had some great times this year, but can't wait for summer!
     Carson (6 yrs) finished Kindergarten. His teacher was Miss Croft. Both classes had a cute singing program with lots of fun songs & actions (none of our cell phone pics turned out though.) And on the last day of school there was an awards assembly where Carson received 1 of 2 "Teacher's Awards" of his class for most improved and being a great student! Such a special award for such a great kid! He also received a "Faithful Attendance" award for missing only 3 days or less during the school year. Way to go Carson! -- our tough sweet guy!!
     Ashley (4 yrs) finished her 1st year of preschool (she'll have 1 more year of it before kindergarten.) Her teacher was Miss Kellie (Park). They had a cute end of year celebration where each child recited a nursery rhyme or saying. Ashley got up and sang the ABC song so clearly and distinctly. She looked straight out at the audience without an inch of fear and was so cute. We are so proud of her! She sang some cute songs with her class, then we enjoyed lunch and a bounce house in her teacher's backyard. Way to go Ashley!! -- our pretty, spunky princess!


     This spring, Ashley has loved bringing me dandelion bouquets every chance she gets. One day as we were driving by someone's yard, she said, " Mom, I wish WE had as many flowers on our grass as THEM!!" I replied, "Well, Ashley, we don't want those flowers all over our lawn, because those flowers are actually WEEDS." Ashley then paused for a moment, while obviously thinking deeply. Then she said, "MOM!! You mean I've been picking you WEEDS all this time?!!"
     Haha, yep!! But I LOVE em! And this new knowledge hasn't stopped her from bringing me little bouquets of sunshine :)

Cress Creek Trail

     If you haven't been to Cress Creek Trail, you gotta go! It is a great trail for the whole family, partly paved, part gravel & dirt. We took the whole family a few weeks ago & thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!
     The views over the river & farmlands were beautiful! And luckily we didn't run into any rattlesnakes like the sign warned. The kids, and especially Carson, had far too much fun teasing Mom that there were rattlesnakes around every bend. (I don't know where they get their teasing from!)
      Carson and Ashley loved hearing what all the signs taught & were always far out ahead. Dylan had fun too, and when he got tired, he would get in the wagon & lay face down. :)
     We all took off our shoes & socks and soaked our feet in the warm stream towards the end of the hike. What an enjoyable family activity with our cute family!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cattle Drive

     Ashley was sick with a fever the day of her field trip to a farm for preschool. She was pretty bummed she couldn't go :( but luckily that morning there was a cattle drive past our house that we got to watch from the doorstep. It's so great living in the country! We LOVE it here!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ashley's Fairy Party

     While a good friend of mine watched the boys, Ashley & I took off to a fairy party put on by the local library. What a fun time it was!
     All the girls received fairy wings, a flower crown, a magic wand, & a fairy story. And cute Ashley wore her cute fairy Tutu, making her outfit complete.
     A couple fairy stories were read to the girls at first, followed by a fancy little tea party of punch & treats, and the party finished with a fairy dance around the library to fairy music.
     Ashley had a blast! What a great event put on by our library. And it was so fun to get some one-on-one time with my little tom-boy princess!!

Random pics the last few months

     From playing at the park, to piggyback rides on Daisy Duke (the dog), each day with these energetic, fun-loving kiddos presents an adventure! Oh how we love them and love to hear those giggles and squeals of excitement!