Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Weekend "Camping"

     Crummy weather this holiday weekend made us improvise our usual camping plans and bring the fun INSIDE. After popcorn and a movie, we asked the kids what they thought of the idea. As you can see, they were a "little" excited and were only too eager to help setup. Thanks to Daddy, the tent was setup in a flash and the kids cozied in for a campfire story. So fun, but wouldn't recommend this if you want your kids to go right to bed! Our kids were so excited, it took them AWHILE....... to settle down.
(But this inside camping is pretty sweet -this way, I get to sneak up to my comfy bed for a good nights sleep.....well, I hope it will be! AND use a real potty! ---yay!!!) Happy camping!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ashley Can Now Ride a Bike!

     I've been excited for this day for a long time!! This evening Ashley learned how to ride her tricycle --- YAY ASHLEY!! We've been trying to teach her since last summer, but she just hasn't had a real desire to do it. But just like how the potty training finally "clicked" a few months ago, tonight learning how to pedal "clicked" too.  And ya know what this means, right? More biking and walking at the river together --- whoo-hoo!! You're learning so much, Miss Ashley --- way to go!! We love you!!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Carson the Graduate!

     What a fun time it was to see Carson graduate from preschool! The kids sang some fun songs and sayings and each child told a nursery rhyme. Carson recited "Hickory Dickory Dock" flawlessly,  so loud and clear in that cute, tough Carson voice. He was nervous before going, but did amazing!
     Carson has learned so much this year in preschool. He can write upper and lower case of all the letters, can write his name wonderfully, and has learned so many cute songs and nursery rhymes. He has loved his teacher, Miss Kellie (Park) and has made some good friends in class. Carson loved the field trip at the fire station and picking up trash around the neighborhood for earth day. He is looking forward to attending kindergarten this fall. What a great kid he is! We love you, Carson!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dylan's 1st Haircut

     Our little stud Dylan is 11 months old now (wow! where does the time go?). His top half of hair just can't keep up with the fast growing bottom half, so despite the cute curls there, I decided to even it up a little tonight while we were giving the rest of the family haircuts.
      And Dylan did soooo good! He just sat on Daddy's lap calmly while I buzzed away. I'm telling you, he is just the sweetest baby ever! And such a cutie!!! Watch out ladies, what a hunk this boy is!! Way to go buddy, we love you!!!

My 1st 10K!

*Our time for the 10K (6.3 miles): 1:40:11
     Well, I did it! Saturday I "competed" in my first race ever! I say "competed" because it really isn't competing when you're speed-walking with runners! But hey, I wasn't last and I finished!
     My mother-in-law, Debbie, and her sister, Shannon walked it with me too. They're both awesome runners and are running the Ogden Utah Marathon next weekend, so I'm sure this was cake to them! But it was fun to have them do it with me. We chatted the whole way which made the time go by really fast.
     The day was beautiful and the temperature was perfect! It was held on the west side of Idaho Falls so we went through a few neighborhoods and lots of farm country. It was the 1st M.A.D. (making a difference) Marathon in Idaho Falls so it definitely had some hiccups, but overall it was great and so fun for my first race.
What's that you say, first race? Yeah, that's right, I wanna do some more. It was a great goal to work for and train my body for. And it was fun to be among all the athletes at various fitness levels all trying their hardest to reach their goal. Yep, gonna do another couple of 10K's this summer!
     And a big shout-out to my friend and workout buddy, Arwa who did AWESOME in the 1/2 Marathon!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Boise with my friend Camille

     During a couple of the days, while Derek was in seminars, I got together with my friend Camille and her cute kids, Kyle & Ezra. Her third child, Violet, was in school. It was fun to catch up since we don't get to see each other very often these days.
     Camille and I met at Ricks while we were in nursing school together. Then when we showed up to our dorm room at the MTC for our missions, we were so surprised and excited to find out that we'd be serving in the same mission in Guatemala!! And even better yet, were able to be companions in Xela and have been good friends ever since!
     So while in Boise we went to some parks with Camille & her kiddos, rode bikes and walked, enjoyed a picnic, and spent a little time at her home. What great memories we have together of some very pivotal moments of our lives. It is always so fun to see her and be boosted by her sweet spirit and watch her beautiful family grow. Thanks Camille!

Trip to Boise

     This last week Derek had some seminars in Boise, so the kids and I jumped on board and tagged along for the trip!
     By far, the kids favorite activity was swimming at the hotel. Good thing daddy is a fish himself, because that's all they wanted to do!! They even passed up going to the zoo for MORE SWIMMING!
     A little stop at Cheesecake Factory was just what Derek & I wanted. It was soooooo good! I started out with an appetizer of avocado egg rolls followed by an entrĂ©e of chicken bellagio, and to top it off, some red velvet cheesecake for dessert. Pure heaven. Better than Thanksgiving! The kids and daddy devoured strawberry shortcakes without even a peep! And Dylan was so happily stuffed that he fell asleep while cuddling his blowup fireman's ax when we got back to the suburban.
     We enjoyed some shopping at some of our favorite stores -- REI, Cabela's, Life is Good, & TJ Max, and while Derek was in seminars, I caught up with my good friend Camille (which I'll tell more about in the next post).
     What a great trip we had!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Octopus Lunch

     So today, we decided to spice up our usual mac 'n cheese lunch with a simple addition ---an octopus! (slice up the bottom 3/4 of a hot dog into 8 "legs" then cook. Then add on top of a "sea" of mac 'n cheese with a little corn or peas. Add a face to the octopus with a little mustard. Then we added a few goldfish crackers in to swim in the sea. Sounds like a complete meal with our sliced strawberries, huh?) And there you have it! A big hit by my lunch crowd with a request to have them again tomorrow. Uh, oh --- I may be making this regularly now. Funny how food tastes so much better to kids when their little imaginations are sparked!
     The bottom picture is of cute tank Dylan getting ready for his bath tonight. What a big, cute guy he is!