Thursday, July 7, 2011


     We had a playdate at our house a few weeks ago where moms could drop their kids off from 9am-1pm and either have a "mommy break" or go to the temple while their kids played and had a blast (only prob was, the temple was closed that day! So.... we'll just have to do it again!)
     We made liquid sidewalk chalk (thanks to my awesome sis-in-law Susan for sharing the idea!) Take 1 cup corn starch to 1 cup water and mix. Then divide and add food coloring. It works great then it dries hard. So fun! We also had sack races, running races, popsicles on the trampoline, lots of swinging and jumping, and a picnic lunch. We had a great time & look forward to the next one!!

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  1. You're awesome to do something so fun for the kids and NICE for the moms!