Tuesday, February 7, 2012

To Jackson Hole

     My beautiful friend Christa (also one of my comps from my mission) called and invited us up to stay with her and her family in Jackson Hole while they were there on vacation. Of course we replied "Heck yeah!" and headed up for a night after Derek got off work.
     It was so fun to see Christa again. We both now have families (3 kids each) and are 10 years out from our missions. It was so fun to reminiscence and laugh about our memories down in Guatemala together. It made it even cooler that this was the week when the Quetzaltenango, Guatemala temple was dedicated and some of our friends were down in Guatemala just days before for the dedication. How awesome that those wonderful people now have a temple. We are so excited and happy for them! (And praying that our converts and members that we knew will attend it!)
     We had a blast with Christa and her cute family, stayed up wayyy too late talking, and finally found a hill to go sledding down with the kids. (Who would have known that would be so hard to find in Jackson??) I'm so glad that we've kept in touch -- she is such an awesome person!!

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