Monday, April 23, 2012

Snowmobiling Fun

     This winter we made it up to Taylor Mountain with our whole gang for a bit of snowmobiling fun. Derek borrowed this great sled from his friend Charlie for the kids to ride in. The were just adorable all squooshed in their together. Once we got going, they all loved it, but were a bit anxious to get out of the parking lot while we were gearing up.
     On the way back out, Dylan fell asleep, and as we were rounding one of the corners on a hill, the kids sled went tipping over - right on the edge. We were so proud of big brother, Carson, who'd been instructed to hold on tight to Dylan, who did just that! Carson held on tight so Dylan wouldn't go rolling down the hill until Dad could run back there and grab them. How thankful we are that Dylan was safe and okay, thanks to his big tough caring brother!!

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