Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cox Family Reunions Summer '12

     Earlier this summer we had 2 family reunions -- all within the same week. The 1st was of the Cox immediate family -- Mom, her 5 sisters, 1 brother and all of their families. Granddad and Marcene were there with quite a few of the 29 grandchildren and who knows how many great-grandchildren by now! We met up at the Munsee Place on Taylor Mountain and enjoyed a few days together. Derek was at Scouts High Adventure, so he wasn't there, but it was so fun to see so many of our family. What a great bunch of people they are!
     The 2nd reunion was also a Cox reunion, but included Granddad's siblings and all of their families. Lots of people! It was held in Taylor, only a few minutes from where we live. The kids favorite part of this one was the barrel train. So much fun for the little ones -- they can never get enough of it!
     It's great to see extended family members because it always reminds me what good can come from a good family teaching good principles. What a great legacy we have!!

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