Friday, September 7, 2012

Idaho Falls Half Marathon

     This was the 1st year for the Idaho Falls Half Marathon & I was glad to be a part of it! We started up in the foothills above Idaho Falls and went downhill for about 6-7 miles, then finished the other 6-7 miles on level ground and ended up at Tauphaus Park. I really liked the course and finished with a PR of 3:19 (beating my previous best time of 3:32.) Faster, but oh how I was sore for days after this one! That downhill was a killer on my muscles, but I loved flying down. Well. Flying in the sense of speedwalking flying. Haha
     Derek and the kids were there to greet me towards the end and provide some much needed Gatorade and smiles. I always love to see them at the end!
     This was my 2nd half marathon this summer. 1 more to go :)

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