Friday, October 12, 2012

Baby Shower "Cupcakes"

     My cousin's baby shower is tonight. She is expecting her 1st baby, is having a girl, and doesn't like pink. :) So I decided for our gift to her, I'd try making these cute little baby "cupcakes" that I'd seen on Pinterest. Super simple to make and so adorable! I just put a baby sockie in the middle of a onesie and rolled it up, put it inside a cupcake wrapper and plopped it into a cute container. (I was happy to find some polka-dot onesies so they looked like sprinkles on the cupcake when I rolled them up.)  That's it! Then I attached a polka-dot bow and tag on that says, "For your cupcake."

     This might just become my go-to signature gift for baby showers now. I kinda really like the way they turned out!!


  1. These were so cute... she wouldn't even let us take them apart so that we could figure out how you did them. haha

  2. They are darling! What a fun gift