Monday, April 23, 2012

Carson loses Teeth

     Although this wasn't Carson's 1st lost tooth (he lost his bottom 2 teeth a couple years ago in an accident while playing with daddy), this was his first natural falling out. And only a few days after the first one fell out, the 2nd one fell out too, leaving him with an irresistible toothless grin.
     He wrote a note to the toothfairy as you can see. It says, "Dear Toothfairy. I git this note for you. Form Carson" This kid is so stinkin cute! Love him!
     He bought some Matchbox cars with the $ the toothfairy left him :)

Our Winter Getaway

     As a "bonus" for Derek's work this year, Derek's parents watched our 3 kiddos (from Fri til Sun!!) so Derek & I could getaway for some much needed alone time. We jumped at this wonderful and generous gift and headed to Alpine, WY for some snowmobiling and relaxation!
     We stayed in the cutest little cabin and enjoyed yummy food at the hotel restaurant. We also jotted over to Jackson Hole for an afternoon, and spent all of Saturday snowmobiling. It was a blast!! And we treasured every minute of it. We were so thankful to Derek's parents for this unforgettable experience!

Feet Comparison

     This is a shot of Dylan's foot against Ashley's foot. Dylan 20 months. Ashley 4 years. Wow! I think we're raising a big guy here!!

Snowmobiling Fun

     This winter we made it up to Taylor Mountain with our whole gang for a bit of snowmobiling fun. Derek borrowed this great sled from his friend Charlie for the kids to ride in. The were just adorable all squooshed in their together. Once we got going, they all loved it, but were a bit anxious to get out of the parking lot while we were gearing up.
     On the way back out, Dylan fell asleep, and as we were rounding one of the corners on a hill, the kids sled went tipping over - right on the edge. We were so proud of big brother, Carson, who'd been instructed to hold on tight to Dylan, who did just that! Carson held on tight so Dylan wouldn't go rolling down the hill until Dad could run back there and grab them. How thankful we are that Dylan was safe and okay, thanks to his big tough caring brother!!

Basketball for Carson

     Does this kid look like a kindergartner? All 72 lbs of pure muscle of him?? Carson is such a big tough boy and he definitely had fun playing basketball this past winter. He improved so much over just a few short weeks, and was such a delight to watch!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ashley's Birthday (in January)

      I'm so late in getting this post up, but better late than never, right? Our little princess celebrated her 4th birthday in January. She & Carson celebrated their birthdays together with a party inviting all their friends and cousins. They had soup for lunch and cupcakes and icecream for dessert. Then the boys went downstairs and shot marshmallows into buckets while the girls stayed upstairs and decorated their princess tiaras. And everyone spoiled them with birthday gifts to make their day complete.
     Ashley is our cute lil spunky girl. She came with her own confidence and spunk from heaven. She loves pink and all things princess. And yet she is the toughest little fighter and wrestles with the boys. She has beautiful olive skin with a natural tan all year round, and also has such big pretty brown eyes. She loves to play about anything but is most often playing house with anything from dolls to utensils to worms. She started preschool and sunbeams this year and is loving them, though I can never get a straight answer from her about what she did that day. Ashley has an adorable little giggle and is so darn smart for her age. We just love her so much and love having her in our home!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fun Lunch Idea

     If your family is anything like our family, there seems to be stages when at least one of our little cowboys or Indians is going through a "picky stage." Well, I saw this idea on Pinterest and decided to give it a try today. I took empty ice cube trays and put whatever finger foods that we had on hand & divided them up into the individual compartments. It's amazing how much better food tastes when presented in a colorful and fun new way. The kids LOVED it!!! And that picky eater ate his whole tray and asked if we can eat like this again tomorrow too. (Yay Mommy!)
     So when you get stuck in a lunch rut, break out the ice cube trays!! Haha! Happy healthy eating!