Friday, October 12, 2012

Baby Shower "Cupcakes"

     My cousin's baby shower is tonight. She is expecting her 1st baby, is having a girl, and doesn't like pink. :) So I decided for our gift to her, I'd try making these cute little baby "cupcakes" that I'd seen on Pinterest. Super simple to make and so adorable! I just put a baby sockie in the middle of a onesie and rolled it up, put it inside a cupcake wrapper and plopped it into a cute container. (I was happy to find some polka-dot onesies so they looked like sprinkles on the cupcake when I rolled them up.)  That's it! Then I attached a polka-dot bow and tag on that says, "For your cupcake."

     This might just become my go-to signature gift for baby showers now. I kinda really like the way they turned out!!