Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Octopus Lunch

     So today, we decided to spice up our usual mac 'n cheese lunch with a simple addition ---an octopus! (slice up the bottom 3/4 of a hot dog into 8 "legs" then cook. Then add on top of a "sea" of mac 'n cheese with a little corn or peas. Add a face to the octopus with a little mustard. Then we added a few goldfish crackers in to swim in the sea. Sounds like a complete meal with our sliced strawberries, huh?) And there you have it! A big hit by my lunch crowd with a request to have them again tomorrow. Uh, oh --- I may be making this regularly now. Funny how food tastes so much better to kids when their little imaginations are sparked!
     The bottom picture is of cute tank Dylan getting ready for his bath tonight. What a big, cute guy he is!


  1. What a great idea! It's always a good lunch when all of my kids will eat it!

  2. Love the idea!! Judd and Max get on kicks where they want a hot dog for every meal. (Makes me sick) I will have to try the octopus for next time!