Saturday, June 18, 2011

Carson's surgery

     Our cute little Carson had to have surgery this week on a lump in his neck that was growing bigger. It was a thyroglossal duct cyst and was congenital. The Dr (Dr. Hanks) removed the cyst, a duct leading up to the back of the tongue, and the central part of the hyoid bone (the bone in the throat that aids in swallowing), so it was a big surgery for the little man.
     Carson was pretty excited to go to the hospital. He got a little yellow Teddy bear that went with him to surgery, which he loved. And he also loved the bed with wheels that drove him down the hall! (although he can't remember that part now thanks to the drugs!) He got admitted in the areas where I used to work, so it was like coming back to my 2nd home! He was adorable - everyone that met him fell in love with the guy!  But the funniest part was after he took the "pre-op cocktail" and was waiting for his ride to surgery. He was giggling and kept grabbing his neck saying, "I keep swallowing numbers and letters! I just swallowed a 7 & 8!" Then a few minutes later he'd laugh and say he'd swallowed some more -- it was hilarious!!
     Since I knew most of the people that took care of him along the way, it was a little easier to put my trust in them. A little. After 2 hrs & 15 min (agonizingly long) we got a call that he was done and headed up to Pediatrics. It was so good to see him again! His neck was all bandaged with steri-strips but looked good.
     He slept a lot the next few hours and everything remained stable. We didn't see his smile again until the next day. Understandably. The Dr came in that afternoon and let us bring him home that evening. Yay! The part that Carson says was the best part of the hospital was the ride out in the wheelchair. Amen! So glad everything went so well and we got to bring that cutie boy home!
     He's supposed to take it easy for a week, but you can imagine how hard that is for an active boy! He's healing up great and eating well and gets his stitches out next week. :)

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