Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Scenic River 10K

     Saturday I walked the Scenic River Classic 10K with my mother-in-law Debbie & her sister Shannon. As far as we know, we were the only ones who walked it. All the walkers we saw did the 5K. It was a BEAUTIFUL course along the banks of the Snake River and we chatted the whole way. These ladies just did a marathon the weekend before ---aren't they awesome?! Our time was 1:35:29. Daddy stayed home with the kids since Carson is still healing from his surgery, but hopefully next time they'll be able to meet me at the finish line!
     Like anyone else who has thyroid problems (mine is Grave's Disease) knows how hard it is to lose weight. I'm still struggling with it. I workout regularly but it doesn't seem to be dropping so I'm trying to find other things to tweek with my diet. But I'm trying to stay positive and not get discouraged. I haven't lost the weight I'd like to.....YET! But I will! And best of all, I'll KEEP TRYING! And I hope you do too --- with whatever it may be -- don't give up!

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