Sunday, October 2, 2011

Spud Days

     Right now is spud harvest time where we live. While the farmers harvest all the potatoes with all of the help they can get, the kids get a 2 week break from school (yahoo!!!)
     And a few weeks ago was the famous annual Spud Days in Shelley.  I started out that morning by speed-walking the 10k race. It was a beautiful morning and a beautiful course. Then Derek, the kids, & Derek's sis Tiffany with her son Erik & her mother-in-law joined me for the parade down main street. The boys (Carson & Erik) kept checking to see if the parade was coming. When it did start, there was LOTS of candy for the kids with lots of fun floats, including BIG tractors and farm equipment, and a GIANT shopping cart. A crop duster even flew over top of us dropping thousands of ping pong balls with prizes marked on them!
     Afterwards there was lots of fun at the park including helicopter rides, tug of war into mashed potatoes, and a hypnotist show --- but we stuck to seeing the booths, snowcones, the blowup slide, a climbing wall, and Shetland pony rides. The kids had fun and said their favorite thing was the giant slide! It's such a fun unique  small town event that we look forward to each year!!

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