Sunday, October 23, 2011

Corn Maze

     Oh my golly!! Who would have known a corn maze would be so darn fun?!! I just thought it was the funnest place!.......and no, I don't get out much either!! ;) But I informed the rest of the family, that I will be going every Fall from now on, & they are welcome to come with me, but mommy has found a new favorite place! ;)
     On Saturday we headed on over to the corn maze, not too far from our house. It was a windy day, hence the hats & jackets, but that didn't keep us from enjoying everything from the corn cannon, to the train with unlimited rides for the kids, to the bouncy balls, to the tires & slide playground, to the AWESOME corn mazes, to my favorite -- the caramel apples at the end. Yum!! If only I could come up with another excuse to go again this year! Anyone need me to take them? I'm more than willing............... ;)

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