Wednesday, November 2, 2011

50 Marathons --- Derek's Mom

     This year my mother-in-law Debbie completed her 50th Marathon!! Wow! How amazing is that?! Coincidentally her 50th marathon was at the Logan, Top of Utah ---- where she also completed her first Marathon (in '97 or '98 when Derek & I were first dating.) I am so inspired by her determination & dedication. The training and persistence that goes in to something like this is phenomenonal!
     In celebration of this awesome milestone, I asked my friend, Cori, to make one of her beautiful cakes. Didn't it turn out AMAZING?!! The inside is chocolate with a raspberry filling. She designed the outside to reflect Debbie's runs in the city (the bottom) and her runs in the mountains (the top.)
     We each have goals we are striving to achieve. And we CAN ACHIEVE them----

            One step at a time.
                  Iron will.
        Faith in ourselves & God.

               And picking ourselvesback up when we fall!

Finish your race, whatever it is, & never give up. Just keep going.........Just keep going!!!

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