Monday, June 18, 2012

Scenic River Classic 10K

    We all have our trials and challenges in this life. One of mine is my back. Chronic pain and flare ups have been my mountains to climb in the past 10 years since my back surgery. But I've also seen miracles and mercy. One such miracle happened this week. Last weekend I was in severe pain and I could hardly walk. And by only by Heavenly Father's great mercy and love, was I able to walk a 10k at the Scenic River Classic the following weekend. That was a definite miracle in my life. And I not only walked it, I speedwalked it -- at my usual pace! I finished in 1:32. And even though I was dead last (I was the only walker), I have to remind myself of what a miracle it is that I was even able to do it. I did it! And I enjoyed it! And I will CHOOSE to focus on what I CAN do with this limitation of mine, instead of what I can't do.

What can you do?

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