Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fort Hall Replica

     Derek planned to spend Memorial Day at Taylor Mtn working on fence, but when he met 4 in of snow there, his work was cut short, and he & Carson headed home after a few hours. So, after lunch, we all headed out to Pocatello to visit the Fort Hall replica. Our family has been visiting local museums lately. (Our last visit was to the Farnsworth TV & Pioneer Museum in Rigby)
      Fort Hall was actually one of the trading posts located on the Oregon Trail, and we live not too far from it. But this replica is built to the same dimensions that the real fort was and is actually located less than 20 mi south of where the real one was. It was fun to walk around and explore the fort. The kids liked looking in the different rooms to see what it could have been like. And not too far from the replica is a little main street with cute buildings where we got to explore some more.
     With great views of the Pocatello Zoo, we headed around to a park to let the kids play and eat some fast food. But after some huge meltdowns of a nap-deprived Dylan boy, we decided to call it a day. Huge. Meltdowns. Yep, after yesterday I vowed to not go out in public with that boy again for a year. But thankfully after some much needed sleep today, I may take that back and venture out in public with him again someday. Someday. ;)

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  1. Sounds like lots of fun!!! Not the meltdowns though! Isn't it funny how we say we will never do this again and the next week we are doing it. Good luck!!!