Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm a Warrior

-7 weeks ago, I saw a flyer for a weight loss challenge group.
-7 weeks ago I decided, hey why not, and joined.
-7 weeks ago my thyroid levels hit the normal range (which they hadn't in over a year)
-7 weeks ago, I was 10.6 lbs heavier and had 15.75 inches more around my body.
-7 weeks ago I had never done a half marathon.
-And 7 weeks ago I wasn't eating as healthy.
    Wow!! What changes I've had in the last 7 weeks!! And I can't wait to see the goals I can accomplish in the NEXT 7 weeks. Twenty more lbs to go!!
     The 1st pic is of our inspiration board we made tonight at our last class. It will inspire me on this journey as I become
                     A WARRIOR!!

     May you all become a healthier you! :)

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