Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm a Warrior (part II)

     Here's the inspiration collage that my last post didn't include

I'm a Warrior

-7 weeks ago, I saw a flyer for a weight loss challenge group.
-7 weeks ago I decided, hey why not, and joined.
-7 weeks ago my thyroid levels hit the normal range (which they hadn't in over a year)
-7 weeks ago, I was 10.6 lbs heavier and had 15.75 inches more around my body.
-7 weeks ago I had never done a half marathon.
-And 7 weeks ago I wasn't eating as healthy.
    Wow!! What changes I've had in the last 7 weeks!! And I can't wait to see the goals I can accomplish in the NEXT 7 weeks. Twenty more lbs to go!!
     The 1st pic is of our inspiration board we made tonight at our last class. It will inspire me on this journey as I become
                     A WARRIOR!!

     May you all become a healthier you! :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sept 11 Remembrance

yes! that is a piece of licorice sticking  out of Ashley's nose! silly girl!

     On the evening before Sept 11th, we headed up to Freeman Park where an orchestra was playing at the park along with the local firefighters playing bagpipes in memory of their fallen comrades. We took a pizza and ate it on the grass while we listened to the great tribute and remembered the impact of that awful day 10 years ago.
     Then we took the kids to the Vietnam Memorial there and Derek explained a little to them about war and patriotism (just LOVE my husband's patriotism and zest for this country!!)
     We love this country and are so grateful for all those who have fought and continue to fight to protect our freedom! God bless America!


     We had free tickets to Lagoon so we spontaneously decided to take a quick trip to Salt Lake City over Labor Day weekend! We got a killer deal on a hotel so we spent the night too! We enjoyed our favorite restaurant Maddox on the way down and enjoyed the whole day on all of the cute kids rides at Lagoon.  We all had a blast and wish we could do it all again!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Mesa Falls Half Marathon

     "The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start."
                              -- John Bingham

     I really did it!! No, REALLY!!! I speed-walked my first 1/2 Marathon (13.1 mi). It started a little ways from Mesa Falls and finished in Ashton. And I really enjoyed it!! ---even more than I thought I would!!! There's something about seeing people from all ages and all fitness levels trying to achieve their goals. And it's fun to hear everyone cheering each other on and giving encouragement! It was like a nice hike on a Saturday morning. And like my mom-in-law, Debbie, said "what other hike do you get snacks at snack stations all along the way & pottys just where you need them?!" I think so! It was a beautiful course and it feels good having completed it! I finished in 3:32. And next year......I'll be back!!!
     My mother-in-law and her sister Shannon both completed full marathons that day ----amazing!
     We camped the night before & the night after, so the kids had fun too. Derek and the kids drove by me at certain spots cheering me on ---just what I needed as my legs felt like jelly! And at the finish line, Ashley & Carson came out and held my hand and ran me across the finish line! I just love these kids!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

1st Dayz of School

     Carson is now a kindergartner! Where did the time go?! He is way excited to be going to school, but EVEN MORE excited to be riding the bus!! I can't describe how cute he is half-running out to the bus each day. Makes my heart so happy but yet sad at the same time.
     And little pretty girl Ashley started preschool. Her 1st day was a little rough because "the big blue boy" poked her in the eye by accident. But since then, she's enjoyed it and comes home just jabbering away about it.
     So that means that Dylan and I have a few hours alone together a couple days each week. Hmmmm....oh the possibilities!!

Boating at Palisades

Pics #1 & 2: Daddy with Carson & Ashley on the tube

Pic #3: Grandma Anglin wakeboarding!

Pic #4: Grandpa Anglin on the tube with the kids. He also water-skied but I didn't get a pic!

Pic #5: Dylan tank sporting a Spiderman life jacket and a peanut butter face

Pic #6: Grandpa on the tube with the kids and Carson getting brave

Pic #7: Princess cutie girl

Pic #8: Big boy Carson solo

     We had a blast with Grandma & Grandpa Anglin on the lake!! And can I just say how super cool it is that our kids watched their Grandma wakeboard and their Grandpa water-ski!!!!!  Wow!!!

Ross Park

     And we have a new tradition!! Every summer, we will be having a family fun day at Ross Park waterpark!! We had so much fun this year that this has a permanent spot on our summer activities list!!
     We went with our good friends,  The Newman's and spent the hot afternoon in the water. They have a perfect little kids play area with stuff to play on in only a few inches of water. Ashley & Carson loved it, while cute lil Dylan would barely even get his hands wet. Mud --  no problem -- but cool, clean water -- no way!!! Go figure!
     The kids got their money's worth out of their slide passes! Even Ashley did it because the lifeguard would help catch her at the bottom.
     It was a fun afternoon with family, friends, and warm summer sun!!

Cox Family Reunion

     This year's Cox reunion (on my Mom's side) was up at Taylor Mountain --- our favorite place to be! We got together Friday night for some delish dutch oven cooking by my cousin and salads & desserts made by all the good cooks in my family. It was so fun to see so many cousins that I haven't seen in awhile! We were all pretty close growing up (all 29 of us) so it was fun to see everyone's families --- and all the kids --- whew!!!--- there are a lot of cute little ones running around there!!
     Most everyone stayed overnight and the next day was filled with a service project of cleaning up old dead logs, family history updates, and an auction. We've got some talented people in our family and it was fun to see what everyone made and buy a few things. I donated some of my custom necklaces, rings, & hairpins for the auction and even got orders for some more.
     And Carson jumped right in on a game of volleyball with all the adults --- he was so cute and loved every minute!
     What an AWESOME family I have!! They are such good people and I'm so proud to be a part of them!

Swimming Lessons

     During the last 2 weeks of summer before school started, Carson & Ashley did swimming lessons together at the pool. They were in the same class with each other and even ended up going at the same time as Carson's good friend Gabe.
     It was so fun for Dylan & I to watch them and cheer them on! They both did awesome and were such cute little fishies! Their favorite things were motor-boat, making "snacks" every day, and on the last day going down the slide and off the diving board.

We Missed Daddy!

     Derek was out of town in August for 6 days -between a scout campout and flying to Oklahoma with his brother and dad to visit his Aunt Kay who was dying of cancer. Sadly, she passed away only a few days after they got home :( She was such a fun lady! So glad Derek got to go see her, but we were also soooooo glad to have him back home! We love him! --the best daddy & hubby!
    So after he got home, we celebrated with dinner at Pachanga's and then time at the river across from the temple. This was our kids 1st time there (I know, we're neglectful parents, aren't we?!) So we enjoyed the beautiful views, beautiful evening, the ducks and water, but most of all......*DADDY*!!!!