Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tommy Vaughn's Half Marathon

     After last year's races, I've been so excited to train for more this summer. After a lot of compromise between Derek & I, we decided that I can do 3 half marathons each year and however many 10k's I want to do. So my first this summer was the Tommy Vaughn Half.
     It was a beautiful day and a equally beautiful course by Jensen's Grove, the golf course, the Snake River, & farmlands. I loved it! Derek and the kids came and cheered me on towards the end, and Ashley & Carson were there to take me across the finish line. Because of an error, it ended up being 14 miles and I finished with a time of 3:32.
     Because I speedwalk, each race I prepare myself that I might be the last one. I have to remind myself the it doesn't matter and I am lucky to be able to even walk.

    Whether it's a 7 min mile or a 14 min mile, it's still a mile. :)

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