Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cress Creek Trail

     If you haven't been to Cress Creek Trail, you gotta go! It is a great trail for the whole family, partly paved, part gravel & dirt. We took the whole family a few weeks ago & thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!
     The views over the river & farmlands were beautiful! And luckily we didn't run into any rattlesnakes like the sign warned. The kids, and especially Carson, had far too much fun teasing Mom that there were rattlesnakes around every bend. (I don't know where they get their teasing from!)
      Carson and Ashley loved hearing what all the signs taught & were always far out ahead. Dylan had fun too, and when he got tired, he would get in the wagon & lay face down. :)
     We all took off our shoes & socks and soaked our feet in the warm stream towards the end of the hike. What an enjoyable family activity with our cute family!

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