Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Carson Wrestling Tournament #2

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We went to Pocatello tonight for Carson's 2nd wrestling tournament (his 1st one was a few weeks ago where he took gold medal for his size & age group!!!).  First of all, can I say, these tournaments are a BIG DEAL for these people! All these little boys in full wrestling gear, from head to toe! And not to forget, how PACKED these tournaments are --- it's hard to find a seat, let alone try to walk anywhere!!! These people take this SERIOUSLY!!! But Carson does awesome in his T-shirt and shorts and sneakers! (Although he would be pretty cute in the onesie thing!!!)
Tonight he lost the 1st match in about 5 seconds. He was paired with a 7 yr old (Carson is 5) and that kid got straight to business! But he won his next match (against a boy his age this time) in pure Carson style --toughness!!! And he got silver medal. He was so excited and it was a great experience for him! Daddy is right at the sidelines, coaching him all the way!!

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  1. So crazy that Carson is old enough to be wrestling! Looks like he's getting right into it!