Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Saturday 2011

     Easter Saturday started out with the local annual Easter egg hunt at the football stadium. But we arrived 2 minutes late and by golly, ALL the eggs were snatched up by then!! So in order to not agonize in our disappointment (and distract the kids) we went for a walk along the river. It was a gorgeous day and the sunshine felt soooo good on our pale wintery skin! And by the time we ended our walk, a kind lady and her kids shared some eggs and candy with the kiddos when they found out they hadn't gotten any. So it was a win win! Candy AND a great walk along the river as a family!
     Then we went home and went immediately outside to enjoy more sun (hey, with the weather this spring, you never know how long the sun will be there --especially without the wind!!). We had our own Easter egg hunt in the backyard, played on the swings and trampoline, and grilled hot dogs and hamburgers for lunch. After naps came the coloring of the eggs, which was a blast with Carson & Ashley!
     What a fun day as a family!

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