Saturday, April 2, 2011

General Conference made FUN

     This year I wanted to make General Conference a fun experience for my little family. With Carson (5 yrs) and Ashley (3 yrs) we played a little candy game. We came up with 6 gospel words we wanted to listen for. Ours were: PROPHET -- THOMAS S. MONSON, TEMPLE, SCRIPTURES, PRAYER, MISSIONARY, & FAMILY. And since my kids are small, we found pictures of these words and mounted them onto cardstock, taped them to a popsicle stick, then stuck them each in a small bowl filled with different candy or nuts (we used some fun Easter candy at this time of year). Then, each time a speaker at conference mentioned one of those words, the kids would run up to that bowl and get 1 piece of that candy. They could either eat it or save it in their little cup for later. (Which one do you think they chose to do!?)
     I was so surprised at how effective this worked! The kids not only listened for our selected words, but kept shouting out lots of other words they picked out from what was being said. This was amazing for my kids who normally wouldn't pay attention to a word! It was great!
     Then when we needed to take a little break from all that sugar, we got out their cute General Conference 2011 packets that our ward primary made for them. They had papers for coloring, hidden pictures, and activities for doing during conference. They were wonderful! Thanks to our primary for putting them together!
     These things made conference soooo much more enjoyable! And my small children could even tell me what they'd learned at the end of the first session! LOVED IT!!

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  1. Good idea! I might have to steal it for October! The packets were great for Ava too!