Saturday, April 16, 2011


     Today there was a craft fair and my friend, Arwa, who is my great workout buddy, had a booth to sell some of her amazing granola and trail mix. (It is soooo good-- and all natural and organic to boot!) Well, she let me display a few necklaces I've made. Sadly, none of them sold :( but maybe at some other event or thru word of mouth some of them will.
     So if any of y'all see one you like, let me know. They are $15 and come with the cord or chain of your choice. I can custom make one for you too-- with a photo, special date, or design. I can also do matching earrings. And there's many shapes to choose from : rectangular, circle, oval, square, heart, or triangle with finishes in gold, silver or antique copper for a vintage look. Soon to come are cuff-links for the guys and some awesome flowers rings. :)

1 comment:

  1. Kim we love your necklaces!! Cora is wondering if you will make her one. Will you make her a little square or circle with silver finish. She likes the pink one so anything with pink. I love the bicycle one so let me know what we owe you for 2 and I will get it sent. I can't wait to see the flower rings!! Good luck!!