Friday, April 1, 2011

Windy.....but sunny!

     Today we met some friends (thanks for getting us out of the house, Anna!) at Jensen's Grove for some much needed outside time and vitamin D! We almost didn't go when I felt the cold strong wind while packing up the suburban. But we bundled up and braved the wind anyway (and luckily it was a little calmer at the park!)
     The highlight for the kids was this tire swing. My kids love to get dizzy, and when their friends Ava and Kaitlyn joined in, it was even BETTER!! I finally had to pull Ashley off of it so she didn't get sick. But she was loving it so much. It was so refreshing to feel the sun on our skin after this long cold winter!
     Afterwards, we went to a little pizza place for some pizza and orange soda. ORANGE SODA..... yes.... had to clean that up TWICE after little Ashley spilling TWICE!! Then a friend's 1 yr old started choking on a piece of ice so I did some back thrusts til he was breathing again. Luckily he never went blue and it came out pretty fast (but I'm sure it felt like an eternity to his mom). Even though I've been out of nursing for 5 yrs, my training and instincts just kicked right in and I was able to stay calm. And thank goodness everything turned out ok and the little guy was running around and playing before we left. :) Needless to say, after our eventful lunch we all went home for some good naps!

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  1. I bet your friend was glad you were there to help out!! Glad the little guy was ok.