Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fitness Journey Week 10

Wow, week 10 is here! 10 weeks of consistently working out! It's been great, and I'm toning up slowly. But slowly is better than nothing at all, I figure. And it will be a lifetime thing that way because I'm doing things that I will continue to do for the rest of my life.
New to this week, I started watching my nutrition more -- linking my carbs with protein and drinking more H2O.
And exciting to me -- I've gotten a few comments from others of how they can see some changes -- yay!! Now to just keep on chuggin'! Update to come in another 4 weeks :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Best Buds

How cute is it to see two best buds playing out in the backyard in their coon-skin hats!? Carson is so lucky to have such a great friend just through the fence from us. And guaranteed if this cute lil Ashley princess had a racoon hat too, she'd be wearing it right along with them! She keeps up with those boys JUST FINE!
It brings a smile to my face as I'm in the kitchen cooking or doing dishes and glance out the window to see these happy little ones enjoying the spring :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Evening Speedwalking at the River

On this St Patrick's Day 2011, I am LUCKY to have the best hubby ever!! After one of those rough days (you know, we all have 'em), Derek let me take off for a walk on the river. The fresh, crisp evening air, along with the sunset and beautiful scenery were just what this mama needed! And oh, how I loved it! I've signed up to do the MAD Marathon 10k in Idaho Falls in a few months, so I'm working on improving my speed walking. I walked 3 miles in 46 min, so I walk about 4 mi/hr. If I do the 10k at that pace, I'll finish somewhere between 1.5 - 2 hrs --- not too bad, I figure. I love being outside and can't wait for my next walk!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Carson Wrestling Tournament #2

**by the way, I do mobile blogging so that's why my pics are at the top and words at the bottom .....if anyone knows how to get words by pictures in mobile blogging, please help me!! Thx!

We went to Pocatello tonight for Carson's 2nd wrestling tournament (his 1st one was a few weeks ago where he took gold medal for his size & age group!!!).  First of all, can I say, these tournaments are a BIG DEAL for these people! All these little boys in full wrestling gear, from head to toe! And not to forget, how PACKED these tournaments are --- it's hard to find a seat, let alone try to walk anywhere!!! These people take this SERIOUSLY!!! But Carson does awesome in his T-shirt and shorts and sneakers! (Although he would be pretty cute in the onesie thing!!!)
Tonight he lost the 1st match in about 5 seconds. He was paired with a 7 yr old (Carson is 5) and that kid got straight to business! But he won his next match (against a boy his age this time) in pure Carson style --toughness!!! And he got silver medal. He was so excited and it was a great experience for him! Daddy is right at the sidelines, coaching him all the way!!

Sleep Please!!

So I've been working out early mornings (5:30am!!), right? And on a mother's schedule that means I've had to sacrifice some sleep. Well, yesterday it caught up with me. This pic is really how I looked ALL day!! (Thank goodness no one popped and saw me that way!) Really, I felt terrible. And I was about to push on and go workout this morning, but my caring and common sense husband lovingly convinced me how crazy I was being -- that I needed to stay home today, get more sleep, and workout LATER in the day today. I know,  I know, rocket science, huh? But my determination finally gave in and I agreed. Well.........guess what!? Whoever knew what a good nights sleep can bring! I feel sooooo much better today! And it got me really thinking.......about the power of sleep. We all know how important it is, but if you're like me, it's easy to sacrifice it when you have other things in mind. So.... I'm setting the goal to get more sleep. This will help me achieve my fitness goals too. There are so many studies out there on losing weight by getting more sleep, and by golly, I'm gonna try it!! So for those of you out there who are like me, let's do it!! MORE SLEEP!! For me it means getting to bed earlier each night. Not easy, but so worth it. So........cuddle in and sweet dreams!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Icecream at Rupe's

We "rounded" out our Saturday night with a little icecream at Rupe's! Great place with even greater company! Carson devoured his cone while Ashley devoured MY Pink Floyd (why is it that mama's food is always better!!?), and daddy let Dylan get his first licks of icecream! (He was one happy boy!!) Fun night out with the fam!

Fitness Journey Week 6

Can't say if I've lost any weight ( we don't own a scale!), but I'm feeling good, and I feel like I'm getting stronger! I've been doing early morning workouts with my friend Arwa (who, by the way, sells the BEST granola and is training for a half marathon!) It's soooo tough to get up for a 5:30am workout, but knowing that Arwa is up and ready and waiting helps to get my tired mom butt out of bed. We've been doing P90x and Jillian Michael's 30 day shred, both of which I enjoy. I also squeeze in some other cardio when I can. Even though I haven't seen big changes, I'm gonna keep plugging away, even if it happens little by little, at least it's HAPPENING!!!

Fitness Journey Week 1

This is so humbling! There's nothing like posting pics up of yourself when you're trying to slim down! But here goes -- the fitness journey has begun and I'm gonna ENJOY THE JOURNEY! This is a pic of the week that I started. I'll give updates every few weeks on what I've been doing and how I'm feeling. Wish me luck!

Island Park Getaway

I'm a little late in getting this posted, but had to share a bit of the blast we had up in Island Park with the Anglins a few weeks ago. We stayed at the Willow Inn which was huge and beautiful. With 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, we all had plenty of room!

We had a soooo much fun snowmobiling and playing with the kids in the snow. Carson just couldn't get enough of it and spent most of the time out enjoying the deep snow. Ashley would play for a bit but then loved going back inside to the warmth and hot chocolate.

Derek and I also got to go snowshoeing (thanks to Gramma Anglin keeping an eye on the kiddos!) I got snowshoes for Christmas and this was my first time trying them out. (I LOVED it, by the way, and what a workout!!!) Definitely going to become a new recreation for me!

Wow! What a fun getaway that was! The weekend wasn't long enough - we could have stayed up there all week! And a special thanks to Grandma & Grandpa Anglin who made it all possible for us!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Never Say Never

So I may have told myself that I'd never do one of these blog thingys, but a girl is allowed to change her mind, right? Recently I discovered a little addiction I have to blogs. I love a lot of the crafty ones and have been trying to find a fitness one that I like as well, but to little avail. So the idea kept coming back of starting my own blog~ making it with the things I love. So here goes ~ don't be too hard on me you expert bloggers out there!