Saturday, November 3, 2012

It's Raining CATS & DOGS!

     Well....we have 2 cats and 2 dogs around our place now. We've discovered that cats are a must-have living in the country, and dogs, well..... we are just dog people.
     When we got our kittens earlier this year, the kids named them "Creamy" & "Olive." Olive is a bit shy, but Creamy is a sweet friendly little thing. And Ashley just loves her!! She is always packing & walking her around, just like a rag doll.
     Then, surprising us one evening this summer, daddy brought home a Basset Hound, whose owners had had enough of her barking. We affectionately named her "Shortie" compared with our big black Great Dane, Daisy. Shortie is a sweet, active little thing. She is a petite Basset Hound and is very in shape. We had to keep her locked up a lot at first, but now she is getting better at sticking around. And coincidentally, our shy cat Olive, LOVES Shortie -- always rubbing on her, and even cuddled up sleeping with her at night --- so funny!
     Carson has been a great help with taking care of Shortie. It's nice to have someone old enough to help now.

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