Monday, November 5, 2012

Lagoon X 2

     We were able to take a couple of quick trips to Lagoon this year (thanks to free tickets from daddy!)
     On the 1st trip, we also picked up a Toyota T100 truck for daddy to be his run-around truck. Sweet new (used) ride!
     And on the 2nd trip, Lagoon was decorated for Frightmares, so it was almost like going to a new place. The kids knew which rides they liked the best from the 1st trip (Rattlesnake Rapids was their favorite) so we were able to do more in less time.
     And one of the highlights of the trip for me was when we watched for someone to give an extra ticket to that we had. The kids & I waited & watched, hoping the Lord would guide us to someone that needed it. We finally saw a couple with 2 small children that felt right. We went up & explained & gave them the ticket. They were surprised & excited. They said on the way there, they were talking about how expensive Lagoon is & weren't sure about even coming. They kept offering to give us some $, but we told them we wanted to give that to them & hopefully it would help a little with the expenses. It was such a special experience for me, I kept tearing up the whole time. I was glad we were blessed with that opportunity.

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  1. I love the story about the extra ticket! What a neat way to teach your kids to be guided by the Spirit to share their blessings and help someone else. Nice job mom :)