Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mesa Falls Half Marathon Aug '12

     At the end of August I finished the Mesa Falls Half Marathon with a time of 3:35. Ashley ran me across the finish line (she was adorable!!) This half was my 1st last summer, so it was fun to do it for the 2nd time. And considering I did no.none.absolutely.nothing as far as training since the half marathon I'd done the month before this one, I'd say that was pretty good.  I actually felt really good after this race, and felt much better than I had the year before.
     It was fun to do the race with Derek's mom, his aunt, & their friend (whom all did the FULL marathon! Whowza!) again. They are an inspiration to me.
     And we went camping again with Grandma & Grandpa Anglin. We had fun enjoying time with them & borrowing their 4-wheelers. The kids would beg to go on another ride even before the current ride was over. We're all 4-wheeler junkies! It's in our blood.

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