Sunday, November 11, 2012

Spud Days Tater Trot

     This year's Spud Days hit on my birthday, so it was fun to be with the family and go enjoy some of the unique things that make this celebration so great. Carson did the climbing wall this year but got a little nervous of the heighth once he was half way up & decided to come down (I don't blame him!)
     My favorite part was the day before, when they hold the Tater Trot races for all the kids. I signed Ashley & Carson up this year because they watch me do all of my races & always want to be in a race themselves. And they both did great! They split them up into age groups. Carson's group of boys went 1 full lap around the track. Ashley's group of girls took 3/4 lap around, and Ashley took 2nd place in her group! She is a fast little thing and is so cute to watch. She got a medal and got to stand on the podium. And her picture was even printed in the Shelley Pioneer newspaper. Go Ashley! They both did awesome and were definitely ready for the snack they had waiting for them at the finish line.

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